Wuo Tai

Wuo Tai is a form of bodywork therapy founded by French Osteopath, Roland Coombes and his partner, Nathalie Coombes. Based on the principles of Osteopathy and moved to a mat on the floor, this is a deep and transformative osteopathic dance. Wùo Tai invites the mixing of elliptical movements to two on the ground, at the border between the movement gestures of yesterday and today.

Tai Wuo

On an anatomical and embryological level, Wuo Taï is part of the neutrality and freedom of the myriads of tissues that make up our being. The construction of the sequences is based on a frame of the I Ching which goes back to the dawn of Chinese civilization. It adapts from the densest tissues (bones) to the lightest substances (CSF). It sits between all the body systems of today and yesterday, combining yoga, osteopathy and internal martial arts. It dissolves the limits of the field of action of two-person disciplines. It is the link between all the known techniques and also the starting point and the pivot of an adventure encompassing all that is and that which is not… It opens the curves of BEING. All movement involves the fasciae (supporting tissues) carrying all the structures. We can say that Wuo Taï makes it possible to work on the receiver through supporting tissues, its organs, its functions.

  • Create mobility by balancing the centre of gravity as all structures move.
  • Increase and stabilize vasculo-nervous exchanges.
  • Stretch and dance the muscular-neural chains by binding and unbinding them.
  • Travel and be made to travel in the different organizational plans of the structure.
  • Enhance the interfaces between living things and movement gestures.
  • Create a hub of major trading systems.
  • Awaken the movement gesture to consciousness.
  • Become a tool in the awareness of oneself and of the other. – Explore and understand man by his different levels of development, in an original way, respecting different cultures (yoga, osteopathy, acupuncture).
Tai Wuo

Following the Little Fish- Wuo Tai
The movements of Wuo Tai create both a dance between the giver and the receiver and a potent therapy for the Human systems. Wuo Tai touches and connects us to our “Avatar”.

There’s billions of electrical interconnections going through the fascia.
The fluid that bathes the fascia is called Fundamental Matter. It creates links between everything, it even goes through the cells. Information is exchanged from the cells to the fascia and back again.

The fascia is made of nomad cells called fibroblasts, moving in the body, (the little fish). When there’s shock or injury in the body, the fascia brings fluid to the impact site. A bump or a bruise has everything that the body needs to repair the damaged tissues, like an ambulance of a fire brigade coming to the rescue.

Fascia creates collagen, elastin, water and elastic structures in the body. The movements of the organs and the information of the organs is the therapeutic key.
The role of the fascia:
🐟Reserve of lipids for energy
🐟”Fishbowl” for Fundamental Matter
🐟Laboratory creating enzymes, hormones, seratonin, dopamine
🐟Immunity-creates antibodies, lymphocytes, anti coagulants
🐟Creates relationships between Fundamental Matter and bones
🐟Structural support

Fascia is the Parlaiment and external hard drive of the body. Surprisingly, the better way to move the body is to breathe.

Wuo Tai is the fluid dance of the fascia. Every muscle is wrapped in “glad wrap” of fascia. Every cell is relying on the fascia web. It’s way more important to work on the envelope of the fascia than on the muscle tissue. Pliability of the fascia is want we want for greater movement. Tendons attach muscles and are myofascial, the end of the “bag” of the fascia(periosteum). Lubrication of the fascia creates sliding movements between the tissues, enhances movement and fluidity.