Cranioga is an amalgamation of therapeutic yoga and a gentle form of Craniosacral Therapy, encouraging the body to reframe patterns of discomfort, overwhelm or trauma and help restore an individuals’ body intelligence i.e. their expression of health.

It’s embodiment therapy, designed to enhance the functioning of the tissues and fluids while inviting the potential vitality, deeply seated at the core of everyones’ body. This restorative yoga helps to re-access the awareness of subtle expressions in the body. 

Facilitator: Dayle Batistic provides a safe and contained space for this workshop.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:
*establishing a grounded midline sense of your body as its foundation
*becoming aware of felt-sense expressions in the body, the tissues, the fluids, the energetics
*awareness of the nature of T.I.M.E arising and passing and the quality of potency
*developing and encouraging the body to return to wholeness with the sense of safety, space and stillness.
*establishing a felt-sense of stillness as alive with expression
*appreciating that the embodiment of insight opens to a feeling of wholeness, unity and a state of balanced awareness.
*giving and receiving hands on contact, listening to the expressions, first of our own body, then of another’s body through body tissues, fluids, and potency.

These embodied Non-Doing practices provide a shift in perspective moving towards sensing the essence of self and others. Uniquely this approach to contacting another is free from judgement, agenda and expectation, yet the resulting body adjustment and balancing can be profound.

The workshop covers:
  Incorporating whole body felt-sense postures, breath-work, neurogenic release, pranayama, awareness of embryonic expressions and felt-sense insight

​ – Whole body felt-sense postures  are specific postural alignments which help to evoke an internal sense of wholeness and relaxation

– Breath-work is a method of regulating the breath to help increase awareness of an embodied felt-sense/sensitivity and the willingness to let go of restrictive patterns of experience.

  – Neurogenic release is an automatic ‘waking up’ of the body, which takes over from the breath-work where the body is no longer ruled by subconscious reactive tendencies.

​ – Pranayama/ awareness of the natural breath, i.e. without intentional control, and the body’s subtler sensations (such as temperature, touch of breath etc) are unveiled.

  – Embryonic intelligence is the subtle internal body expression free from protective/restrictive patterns of experience.

  – Felt-sense insight is the realisation that the ‘original body’ is a very subtle expression, often overshadowed by tendencies, intentions, memories and expectations. When this is realised, another way of relating to circumstance unfolds. This is a flow of connection beyond the constraints of fear and fragmentation. In other words it is an antidote to any limitations we have been coerced into believing, both consciously and subconsciously.

The next workshop runs from 9:30am-12:30pm
Friday 26th April 2024

Please bring yoga mat, warm socks and a blanket. Bring your own lunch and a water bottle.


 Andy’s book, ‘Intention and Non-Doing’ will be available to purchase for $40 on the day.

    DAYLE: 0475711631